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Dress To Impress Yourself

07 Apr 2016

Forget "does my butt look big in this" and how about saying "does my morale feel small in this"? Don't be uncomfortable, be confident. Here, let your beauty emanate from inside out with our simple steps for how to dress to impress yourself.

Stand Tall

Celebrate style, believe in who you are and utilise fashion to express yourself. Of course, there's always a time and place when duty calls for work attire or on the flip side - your party outfit, but regardless of the occasion, there's always room for adding your personal flair into the mix. As Oscar de la Renta once said "Fashion is about dressing according to what's fashionable. Style is more about being yourself". So if you've always wanted to wear a little black dress but are afraid it "won't suit you", carpe diem because there's no time like the present. And by putting your worries aside, you may even surprise yourself! After all, fashion shouldn't be feared…it should be embraced.

Figure Out You

Clothes come in different designs and sizes to cater for different shapes, not the other way around. Though when it comes to deciding what to wear, it's always a lot easier when you know a few things about yourself first. For instance, when you know How To Choose The Right Skirt For Your Body Shape, you also learn how to naturally flatter your figure and how to enhance your best features. Attain poise as you become aware of your body shape, determine which colours suit you and what you feel most comfortable in. 

Heel It Up A Level

There's always an add-on in every wardrobe that makes us feel just that little bit more special, so if you know what yours is…then go get it. Whether it's a pair of stunner stilettos, gold J-Lo hoops, red lipstick or even your espadrilles that give you that extra bit of sassiness you need to really own it, then go for it! 

Know The Occasion

Work wear, regardless of working full-time in business attire or part-time in semi-formal wear, is sure to consume the majority of your closet space. But this doesn't mean having to sacrifice your fashionable preferences in the process, because with clothing from retailers like Cue and Veronika Maine, it's easy to make a powerful yet charming statement. This Winter, both Cue's Winter 2016 Launch and Veronika Maine's Winter 2016 Collection prove that vintage, truly is making a comeback. Only now, it's not about the past - it's about the present. Expect darker shades, deep winter colours like wine and burnt orange, luxurious materials including brocade, velvet and lace, the fifties coat, the seventies trouser and more. 

Make It Fun

Get excited about your next outfit! Having body confidence also means having a positive attitude, not just about yourself, but towards your outlook on life as well. Instead of diving into a chocolate bar or a glass of red wine when you need to lift your spirits, reward yourself with a bit of retail therapy instead.

Ready to prep your Winter lookbook? Read more about Veronika Maine's Winter 2016 collection.