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Your Skin, Your Foundation

12 Apr 2016

Ageing and changing is an inherent part of growth and maturity, but negativity and self-doubt shouldn't be. Here, why your natural skin is your greatest foundation.

Do you dread leaving the house without makeup on? Do you put yourself down before you even allow yourself to flourish? Are #nomakeup selfies out of the question? If you answered yes to any of these, then it's time to change the way you think, because when you truly know how to love yourself, there's no such thing as not being beautiful.

We must admit, loving yourself is much easier said than done, but working toward the best version of you each, that's something we can all do. On too many occasions, we find ourselves hunting for a "quick fix" to our pimples, cellulite and other "imperfections" we don't want to face, instead of acknowledging these for what they are - natural. And when it comes to natural, ageing is certainly something that we can not avoid, so why don't we embrace it? In the beautiful and empowering words of Hollywood star Cameron Diaz, "learning that you can age well, will actually help you age better". 

Leading by such positive example, and renowned for their preservation, sustainability and philanthropy, international retailer L'Occitane en Provence, established in France 1976, continue to provide the contemporary beauty market with a remarkable range of superior quality beauty products and fragrances, all of which strictly adhere to the foundations of aromatherapy and the study of phytotherapy. Because when you use cheap fixes or low-quality beauty products that are not specifically designed to hydrate, nourish, treat or provide your skin with beneficial elements, then you're most likely to neglect and worsen the condition of your skin. Setting them apart, L'Occitane utilise cosmetic science to their advantage with the use of over 200 botanical ingredients, to ensure each product is carefully formulated for providing your skin with the elements it needs for a more beautiful life ahead.

L'Occitane do not create toward a quick fix, they research and develop to perfection for a prized product you can add to your beauty regimen; as part of a long-term and natural process toward clearer, healthier skin and overall greater wellbeing. Develop or enhance your skincare regimen with their Face Care Collection, prolong the signs of ageing via their Global Anti-Ageing Collection for "visibly younger looking skin" and learn how their Divine Extract can stimulate your skin

Dip into younger-looking skin at Adelaide Central Plaza's luscious L'Occitane boutique, open everyday, where you can smell the riveting scents and indulge in their natural beauty products of the earth.

After all, we shouldn't disguise our beauty, instead we should embrace, respect and take care of our greatest foundation - our skin.