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Want to Try the Best Coffee in Adelaide? Come Visit Bar 9 at ACP!

18 Apr 2019

Adelaide is renowned for its amazing local produce, especially cheese and wine - and it was only a matter of time until delicious coffee was added to the list!

Bar 9 - The Best Coffee in Adelaide


If you are looking for exceptional coffee in Adelaide, you need to visit Bar 9, which is located on the lower ground level of Adelaide Central Plaza.

Bar 9 is owned and operated by barista-extraordinaire Ian Callahan, a former State Barista Champion. When Ian started Bar 9, his goal was to bring his love of exceptional coffee and high-quality ingredients to the Adelaide public. Bar 9 is staffed by self-confessed ‘career coffee nerds’, and almost every state barista champion in SA has worked there.

From their Adelaide Central Plaza location, Bar 9 serve speciality coffee from the premium roaster Five Senses Coffee, along with delicious un-homogenised milk that is sourced from Tweedvale Dairy, Adelaide's boutique farm. Bar 9 also serves a wide range of speciality teas, as well as a delicious menu of breakfast, lunch and cabinet items. You can see their menu on the Bar 9 website (just don’t hold us accountable if it makes you hungry!).

Bar 9’s Signature Coffee Blends


Black Label

Black Label is Bar 9’s seasonal house blend, and it is intended to please the general public. According to Ian, this blend is balanced and well-bodied, with the flavour profiles of a snickers bar (sounds good to us!). Black Label is ideal for both black and white coffee.

Barista Blend

Barista Blend is representative of the coffee that Bar 9’s staff are currently enjoying. These blends are often interesting and perhaps challenging - they can be bright, sweet, heavy-bodied (or even herbaceous) - whatever the staff are loving!

Single Origin & Filter Coffee

As well as their Black Label and Barista Blends, Bar 9 also service delicious Single Origin and filter coffee, which is either sourced locally, nationally or flown in from overseas (depending on where the best-quality product is currently being made!).

Come and Try the Best Coffee in Adelaide Today!

If you consider yourself to be a coffee snob, you have to visit Bar 9 - located on the lower ground floor of Adelaide Central Plaza. See our store map here.