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What Your Engagement Ring Says About You

01 Aug 2015

What Your Engagement Ring Says About You

Round Cut Diamond

1. The Round Cut.

You’re an all-time classic and a traditional person with fine taste. You’re very loving and generous. The round cut diamond is a very popular choice most likely due to its stone’s 58 facets, which really means it has the most sparkle!

Princess Cut Diamond

2. The Princess Cut.

You appreciate the simple things, but you also embrace luxury. You elegantly enjoy the spotlight that comes and goes without letting it overcome you. The princess cut embodies a dazzling square stone complete with four pointed corners and like the round cut, it’s also a common pick ideal for those wanting a more traditional-shaped ring.

Cushion Cut Diamond

3. The Cushion Cut.

Otherwise known as the “antique” cut, the cushion cut is the in-between the round and princess cut, and is ideal for those who adore vintage. You’re sophisticated chic and audacious. This cut boasts a pillow shape and is renowned as one of the earliest and most remarkable shapes, having first worked its charm in the early 19th century. And now it’s returned for admiration, once again. 

Emerald Cut Diamond

4. The Emerald Cut.

You’re decisive and in control. You embrace the unexpected with true poise. This cut was originally made for the gem of the same name and comprises a rectangular shape with cropped corners and long facets resembling the shape of stair steps. The emerald cut possesses a delicate grace akin to royalty, and is a suitable selection for the peacefully dominant type.

Asscher Cut Diamond

5. The Asscher Cut.

You’re chic and self-assured. You value history and passionately appreciate the nature of heirlooms. Made over a century ago, the asscher cut features a square body that appears as octagonal because of its powerfully sparkling facets. It’s both distinctive and subtle, and emanates a certain allure that romantics will especially find compelling.

Pear Cut Diamond

6. The Pear Cut.

You’re modest but you’re also independent. You’re unafraid of making your own way and you desire stability. As the name suggests, this cut fashions a classic pear shape or otherwise called a teardrop, and when worn with the point furthest away from your body - it creates the illusion of having a longer finger. The pear cut is a particular choice but thankfully, it’s also one that never goes out of style.

Oval Cut Diamond

7. The Oval Cut.

You’re feminine and sophisticated, but you also know when it’s time to have fun.  The oval cut shares a similar sparkle to the round diamond cut as it also has many facets but instead, this diamond has a well-defined elongated circle in the shape of an oval and makes a unique ring.

Marquise Cut Diamond

8. The Marquise Cut.

You’re a larger-than-life type of person. You’re assertive and fearless. The marquise cut is an oval shape with pointed ends that is specially made to increase the carat weight. The marquise shape takes its name from France’s Louis XV’s mistress Marquise De Pompadour, so needless to say – this cut is for those who know how to work it.

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