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One Scarf, Six Ways

04 Aug 2016

Who knew scarves could be so versatile in upping your accessory game? If you didnt, you will after reading this! Here are six ways to rock a scarf this season.


Don't go chasing waterfalls, but do attempt to wear one. To achieve the waterfall scarf, hang your scarf around your neck with one side hanging much lower than its opposite, flick the longer side up to wrap around your neck, then grab the loop side and tuck it into the corner of your neck. Continue to now tuck this corner firmer into the loop and abracadabra, your scarf is heavenly draping.



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Old-school, easy and neat, the pull-through scarf is ever popular and always stylish. Simply fold your scarf in exactly half and hold the open end closed, then with one end in either hand, bring it behind your neck, pull it to the front, then put your hand through the looped end and pull the loose ends through there.


Following the pull-through style, the neck wrap is also a popular choice. Both simple to follow and fitting, this style is flattering for any shape and gracefully complements any outfit; wearing basics underneath is an ample match. Bring the scarf to your neck as if putting on a necklace, and let each side equally drape down the back of your shoulders, then cross these at the back and finally, bring them to the front.



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As the name suggests, it's just that. Wrap your scarf around your shoulders and embrace winter with warm arms, stroll the beach with no worries or venture out into the day looking casual-cool. To nail this look, a large cotton, blanket-like scarf works best.


Think roller derby, European getaways and off-duty style down to a knot, because wearing a light scarf as a hair tie, in particular silk, proves the ideal accessory where feminine meets playful. Lovely and alluring, either opt for a high bun to wrap your scarf around or alternatively, go for the whole headband and throw in a bow for extra points!



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Whether you buy a chunky wrap-around knit and easily call it a day, or you actually grab your long scarf, loop it two times around your neck, pull the ends into a half knot and then hide them upward and beneath your two loops...either way, you're on-trend my friend. This scarf style is effortlessly chic, subtle-sophisticated and it actually keeps you super warm - win-win!

Scarf to it!



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