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Bento Is Back

19 Dec 2016

One of the most delightful Japanese food trends to take the Western world by storm – particularly as a healthy lunch option in Dine Central - is the Bento Box.


Originating in the Kamakura period (circa 1118 – 1333), the Bento Box, more familiarly known as Bento, is a packed meal similar to that of a lunch box, traditionally containing rice or rice balls, sushi, tofu, vegetables (often pickled) and occasionally meat or fish.

And just like it’s meaning of “convenient”, it truly is an easy meal option for a quick work lunch. Specifically designed, Bento Boxes contain separate compartments, which help with variety, healthy eating and portion control. Each box is a mixture of different textures, flavours and colours eliminating monotony. In Australia, we have adopted them in a big way, fusing a mixture of Japanese food and Western food as a stress-free way of eating healthily.

There are different types of bento, including table (generally served in elegant lacquered boxes), picnic, boxes for travellers and hobby style character-based/art boxes. There’s also a hayaben, which is an “early bento”, for those days when you need a cheeky meal before your lunch.

It is said that when someone prepares a Bento their feelings and emotions are transmuted through the food, so preparers aim to infuse the food with love.

Sounds yummy!

To get your taste of Japan stop by Genki Roll in Dine Central for a Bento.