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Secrets to Power Dressing

19 Feb 2016

It's time to show who's in control! Up your game at work by dressing the part you so rightfully deserve. Embrace your inner Lady Boss, own that job interview, dress for success, make a long-lasting impression and overall boost your confidence with a powerfully striking look. Here, our top secrets to modern power dressing for the everyday businesswoman.


We may have come a long way since the 80's wide shoulder, though the tailored look is seemingly timeless. Whether you wear the classic jacket-and-pants suit or pair a straight mid-length skirt with a matching jacket, you have the freedom to appear both feminine and powerful. For a curvy body shape, a pencil skirt with a straight jacket offers a sophisticated and slimming look, while a streamlined suit gracefully complements a fuller body type.

Opulent Materials

If you occasionally want to break away from or prefer an alternative to tailored wear, then opulent materials are the way to go. Luxurious fabrics such as silk, cashmere, leathers and suede were first made popular by designers like Giorgio Armani, Donna Karan and Jean Paul Gaultier in the 90s when the work industry saw an even greater change in the progression of women within the workplace, now moving even higher up the ladder as professionals. Today, regardless of holding an entry-level position or an executive spot, luxe fabrics offer a softer and more refined yet still respectable look.


Don't be afraid to drive some personality into your outfit. Depending on your work environment, the typical neutral and darker colours may be more appropriate, but you can always mix it up with a more bright-coloured top and a darker bottom. Accessories and lipstick are also a great way to freshen up your ensemble, where hints of pretty pastels and vivacious colours not only maintain your professionalism, but show you're a standout too.

Less Is More

The weekend is for those over sized hoops and that chunky bling, but when it comes to accessorizing for the workplace, your objective should be to complement your outfit, not to over do it. Achieve this by keeping your jewellery tactical, so if you have a heavier piece then keep the rest to a minimum or alternatively, a sterling silver set is ideal. For example, if you wear a statement cuff then avoid wearing a necklace, and if you wear a bold necklace then tone down your earrings with studs or drops to elegantly match your look. In any case, you can never do wrong with a fluent watch, which proves you're both organised and happening. And you don't have to be a big spender, by wearing a designer rose gold watch or on the flip side, a vintage brown leather timepiece, either will work in your favour.


Add some warmth and spruce up your look with some savvy shoes. To look the part of power player, a pair of stiletto heels will get you there. Pumps and wedge heels are an excellent choice particularly for those who find it difficult to walk in high heels, where a glossy patent finish, leather material and a pointed toe are the cherry on top.

Groom Yourself

You've dressed the part, you're looking good and you're ready to rock, but an exquisite outfit is incomplete without a manicured look. Essential for any job, it's important to avoid appearing as if you've just rolled out of bed or that you had a big night. Ensure you're kept well groomed where a simple manicure and pedicure, especially if you're wearing open-toe shoes, go a long way. Also, keeping your makeup to more of a minimum, as to attain a more natural look, is always sophisticated and alluring. If you want to add something extra or if you work within a freer or more creative space, then a red, pink or other bright-coloured lipstick or gloss will do just the trick.

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