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6 Benefits of Massage Therapy

01 Jan 2016

6 Benefits of Massage Therapy

1. Minimises Stress

Stress can trigger and increase a number of issues both in the mind and body, and finding effective ways to reduce this can be particularly challenging for some. Thankfully, increased treatments of massage therapy continually build a place of tranquility and relaxation within the individual's mind, helping them to think rationally, release creativity and can reduce anxiety. By first healing the mind, the body is fast to follow in finding serenity as well.

2. Mood Elevation

Whether suffering from or experiencing feelings of, anxiety and depression can heavily impend upon a person’s ability to cope with everyday tasks and to find contentment in life. Having a minimum of three massage therapy sessions per week has been scientifically linked as successful in lessening depression and anger. More recent studies have shown that massage therapy can also assist in reducing fatigue, nausea and has helped cancer patients to better cope with stress.

3. Encourages Sleep

If you have trouble sleeping or often endure muscular discomfort, then you’ll most likely find it difficult to rest or to maintain an appropriate posture but thankfully, massage therapy can help you. Essentially, a massage puts both your body and mind at ease by relaxing your muscles and overall motivating you to become immersed within a peaceful, meditative-like state of mind.

4. Provides Relief for Muscle Pain

Two of the primary aims of massage therapy is to increase and to improve circulation and by successful doing so, this natural remedy assists in relieving muscular pain. Newer studies have found that undergoing massage therapy, in addition to other therapeutic methods, has been particularly beneficial in aiding those suffering from sport-related injuries or chronic back pain. And instead of treating the commonly sport-related pain of inflammation with medication, massage therapy offers a natural alternative.

5. Eases Headaches

Before rummaging through your bag for antibiotics as soon as you have a headache or migraine, perhaps you should try massage therapy instead. Since headaches are often thought to be the counterpart of having pain elsewhere in the body, by naturally soothing your body and striving for ease, you're able to achieve greater rehabilitation for the mind.

6. Assists the Immune System...

...and apparently helps PMS as well - win-win! Newer research has indicated that massage therapy has the power to increase an individual's number of white blood cells, which is a particularly special benefit, since having a higher white blood cell count is profoundly helpful in prevention from various diseases. Later studies also show that massage therapy can contribute to reducing symptoms associated with PMS, including mood swings, weight gain and bloating.

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