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How To Choose The Right Skirt For Your Body Type

15 Jan 2016

Why do empire waist lines make me look pregnant? Why does this maxi skirt make my body look short? Why do A-line bottoms make me look flatter than what I already am? These are just a few of the many questions women ask when trying on the wrong skirt. Knowing the right skirt for your body shape allows you to flatter your figure, to enhance your outfit, to make your body appear balanced and most importantly, to feel confident in your clothing. Here, how to choose the right skirt for your body shape.


If you're a rectangle shape, then your major focus should be to find a skirt that accentuates your figure and creates the illusion of having fuller curves. In order to do so, it's best to steer clear of straight cuts and free-flowing skirts. Instead, detailing such as buttons, pockets and stitching, bold prints and patterns, tapered hemlines and volume like bubble hems are features you should look for. 

Hourglass Body Type


You've got those lovely lady lumps so now it's time to embrace them. With fuller figures and curves alike, wearing skin-tight, high waisted and pencil skirts proves the perfect pick for your body shape. These skirts add definition to your figure where in particular the pencil skirt elongates the body, especially beneficial for shorter women, all while making a desirable statement.

Inverted Triangle Body Type


Since you have broader shoulders and an overall bigger frame from the top, you'll want to wear a skirt, which complements your bottom half by way of drawing equal attention. Flowing and high-flare skirts add the volume your hips need for complementing and enhancing your body's proportion. Oblique cuts are ideal, while detailing and either complete or semi-flared cuts prove the right skirt for your body shape.

Oval Body Type


If you classify yourself as having an oval body shape then typically, the middle of your body is rounder, you're busty yet your hips are quite confined and of course…those legs! Basically you're heavier on the top and quite light at the bottom so here, your main goal is to create a more succinct outline for your waist by pairing fitted tops with flow-like skirts in order to create more balance between your upper and lower body. Detailed skirts with embellishing, bubble skirts and mid-rise waisted skirts are the right picks for you. 

Triangle Body Type


pear-shaped body, often referred to as a triangle body shape, generally means having a heavier bottom where most of a person's weight is sitting on their hips and thighs, while their shoulders and neck are lean and their stomach is flat. So, you'll want to divert the attention from your hips to your waist where specifically, the classic A-line type is the quintessential skirt for your body shape. And wearing a high-waisted A-line skirt is really the cherry on top because this design is both flattering and elegant, and it prevents your shape from appearing overly triangular.

Apple Body Type


Also called the circle body shape, this refers to the middle section being the heaviest part of a person's body, while their arms and legs are quite slim. People with an apple body shape tend to have a higher waist where the most slender part of their mid-section is typically just beneath the bust. By wearing a skirt, you're able to show off your slender legs and to make your overall frame appear slimmer. Pair a streamline-designed top with a full volume skirt to add more balance to your figure. Patterns, bold prints and puffy-type skirts are your friends.

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