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Healthy Hair Tips for 2020

24 Dec 2019

Break away from the cycle of bad hair days caused by dull, damaged, and dry hair. Follow our list of five healthy hair tips you need to achieve strong and healthy hair in 2020.

We all know the impact a bad hair day can have on your confidence. Hair is an important aspect of your overall appearance and can be the difference between looking dishevelled or looking smart. If you struggle with your day-to-day hair routine and struggle to consistently achieve fantastic hair, it’s likely you haven't considered all aspects of caring for your hair. The challenge lies in avoiding damage that causes dullness, breakage, dryness, frizz and hair thinning. By investing time into your hair care routine with our list of healthy hair tips, you’ll be on your way to maintaining strong, healthy and effortlessly lush hair in 2020.

1. Start with a Professional Hair Repair Treatment


If you’re in desperate need of a hair refresh to start the year off right, perhaps a professional hair treatment may be the solution to get you to focus on maintaining healthy hair. Tu Hair Salon in Adelaide Central Plaza is experienced in delivering deep soothing hair treatment systems designed to nourish and repair hair damage. Get your long locks sorted, and avoid the feeling of dull and dry hair. For the men seeking a healthy head of hair, head to Bladez The Barber Lounge. They provide all treatment services using the Wella Professional Range, which is specifically designed to combat dry and damaged hair. You’ll feel a significant difference and will be motivated to follow our DIY healthy hair tips for the remainder of 2020.

2. Get Regular Trims


One of the most common healthy hair tips you’ll hear is to regularly trim your hair. It can be commonly overlooked if you’re not one to maintain a short or defined cut. In reality, when you don’t trim your hair regularly, your hairs can split through the middle and break off, regardless of your hair follicles being in the growth phase. It’s recommended that you get a cut or trim once every two months to keep those ends healthy! Book in with Tu Hair Salon or Bladez The Barber Lounge for your frequent trim and stay on top of those split ends! 

3. Style Smarter


Applying heat to the hair can contribute massively to hair thinning, breakage and dryness. These healthy hair tips can be followed by anyone who drys or styles their hair using heat. 

  • Always use a heat-protectant before styling. Shop heat-protectant spray at Chemist Warehouse. This will protect your locks to prevent any dryness and brittleness amounting from excess heat.

  • Always use a temperature-controlled flat iron or curling iron. This gives you the ability to lower the heat and take your time styling, to prevent excess damage to your ends. You can shop straighteners or curling irons at Chemist Warehouse, Adelaide Central Plaza. 

  • Always air dry your hair as much as possible before blow-drying to allow for less heat application, and less damage to be caused when drying.

4. Look for Hair Products with Moisturising Ingredients


The products you use when you wash your hair play a huge role in the overall look and feel of your styled hair. To maintain healthy hair, always shop products with ingredients that aim to strengthen and moisturise your locks, rather than dry them out. Shop shampoo and conditioning products that feature coconut oil, argan oil, aloe vera or spirulina to effectively nourish your stands. Chemist Warehouse, Adelaide Central Plaza, Tu Hair Salon and Bladez The Barber Lounge all stock their own unique range of moisturising hair products. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when shopping for ingredients to keep your healthy hair tips on track!

5. DIY Hair Masks


If you’re someone who prefers to use natural ingredients to maintain healthy hair, opt for an at-home remedy to cure damaged ends and enjoy luscious hair. You can seek out all of the products mentioned above from your local supermarket and strengthen your hair from the comfort of your own home. Common supermarket items such as avocado, honey, olive oil and yoghurt also have fantastic hair benefits that can be used to target any hair issue.

By following our list of healthy hair tips, you’ll be sure to experience less bad hair days, and feel much more confidence this 2020! To find out more about our stores or centre opening hours, click here.