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Welcome To The Tea Party

07 Jul 2016

Feel like your house is missing something? You might be right, a tea set can really tie a house together. Here are some things to consider when purchasing your own tea set.



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Keep it bountiful, keep it colourful and don't hold back from decorating like mad. Your setting will be the first thing your guests notice, and so as a collective, it should be loud and inviting. Cover the table with a bright or light-coloured table cloth like the 'Baltimore Tablecloth' from Morgan & Finch for the quintessential base, then carefully place your napkins in-between your stunning dinnerware and servingware. Make your guests feel right at home with personalised place-name cards set around the table, and don't shy away from hanging ornaments as these certainly add pizazz to your adventurous abode. It's important to note that when choosing colours, consistency is key. So, even if you have a few bright colours - you'll want to ensure they are repeated throughout your zany-marvellous set!



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Get creative with a morning tea range of sandwiches, desserts, biscuits, scones and cakes, where you'll want to remember that bite-sized is key! It always helps to know what kinds of desserts your guests like most, and whether or not you need to cater for special requests, such as gluten-free or perhaps make a sugar-free cake for the health-conscious. In addition to your goodies and nibbles being bite-sized, you need to layer and stack them as if you're an architect and the spread is your new building! Buying silver trays, cake stands and various sized bowls and plates will help to achieve this.



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Finally, what's a tea party without the tea?! To satisfy your guests, it's best to provide a mixture with all-time favourites on the table like English Breakfast, Peppermint, Herbal, Camomile and Earl Grey. If you're having a brunch or lunchtime tea party, supply some cheeky beverages to get the party going such as Classic Pimm's and dry punch, Citrus Soda, White Sangria or the perfect pick-me-up for outdoors - a Fuzzy Navel. Regardless of whether you spike the punch or not, cooler varieties of iced tea always prove ideal for warmer weather, so you can keep your guests calm and oh, so cool. 

To start planning your perfect Tea Party, you'll find all the wonderful bits and pieces you need at Adelaide Central Plaza's Bed Bath N Table, open 7 days a week on the Lower Ground, where you'll find an abundant and promising range of dinnerware, servingware and more.

"We're all mad here", so just enjoy it!