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Why Kringle Candles Are Your New Scentspiration

21 Jul 2016

No space is complete without some fragrant ambiance, and with Kringle Candles now in stock at ACP, there is a smell for every aroma you desire.

Established in just 2009, the Kringle Candle exudes the best of both old and new worlds to bring you a scent like no other, a light as bright as can be and a design that you can simply melt over. Passionate, ultra-modern and fit for the fashionable, the Kringle Candle continues to grow through a range of collections so no matter what the occasion, you can assure the atmosphere will smell of bliss. Figure out which of these popular collections is just divine for you:

Florals & Fruits

Boasting the delectable and luscious scents of botanical gardens, fresh flowers and sweet fruits, the 'Florals & Fruits' range proves ideal for those who like to live on the lighter side. This delectable range is sure to freshen your home, where the options are just marvellous with Cherry Blossom, Coconut Pineapple, Citrus and Sage, Hibiscus, Pineapple Sunset, Strawberry Lemonade, Wild Poppies and much more.


Be extra careful you don't bite into these candles! The 'Gourmet' collection embodies a special selection of uniquely designed candles, all of which smell just like your favourite foods, but this time, satisfying your smell instead of your stomach! Genius, sensational and having a homemade-like, pungent aroma as if it just left the oven, each 'Gourmet' candle is sure to satisfy in more ways than one. Popular picks include: Apple Pie, Hot Chocolate, Espresso Crema, Pumpkin Latte and just added, Blueberry Muffin.

Warm & Woodsy

For the adventurous, the cottage cubs and the country folks, the 'Warm & Woodsy' collection will certainly make you feel as if you're right at home. Lose yourself within this collection, which emanates the very happiness that comes from life's little pleasures and nature's unearthed gifts. Choose from Balsam Fir, Cinnamon Bark, Mulling Spices, Coconut Wood, Snow Capped Fraser and the latest, Firewood.

Fresh & Airy

Hello Sailor! To you, heaven is living by the beach, sailing the open-wide seas and embracing the seemingly endless oceans. The 'Fresh & Airy' collection reminds admirers such as these, through its pure and near vitreous scents, that your immaculate escape is just a lighter away. Stunning scents include Aqua, Lighthouse Point, Rainy Day, Set Sail, Tranquil Waters and new additions Mystic Sands, Egyptian Cotton and more.

All Things Autumn

With Autumn just around the corner, enhance your sanctuary with only the warmest of scents; bound to be repeat offenders throughout the year. Sniff your way into the uplifting season of Autumn as we celebrate warmer days and Mother Nature's new beginnings with the 'All Things Autumn' range, which as the name suggests, is exquisitely just that. Candle hits include Apple Cider Donut, Autumn Winds, Covered Bridge, Cozy Cabin, White Pumpkin, Autumn Rain and more.

Kringle Candles are exclusively available at Adelaide Central Plaza's Candle Cottage, open 7 days a week on the Ground Floor, where you'll also find their premium range of candles and candle holders showcases only the finest from across the globe.

Time to shine bright!