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Eyelash Tinting, Your Fuller Eyes Fast

23 Jun 2016

What is it?

Sure it's a popular desire to have long and thick lashes but in reality, applying mascara everyday (including your days off when you should allow your skin to breathe at least once a week) can be a real hassle. Eyelash tinting offers a semi-permanent solution to this, by using a fine brush to apply a special dye colour tint to the lashes.


How is this achieved?

First a protective cream, usually Vaseline, is placed under the eyes to protect the skin from staining. Then, the highly qualified beautician will set a thin curved-shaped cotton pad on top of the cream. After this, the eyelash tint commences and you must keep your eyes closed shut until the tint application is finished. The tint is left to dry for at least five to seven minutes, before a second coat is then applied. Following this, the eyes are then cleaned, the pads are removed and you walk out with luscious-looking lashes. On average, the whole process is complete within approximately 20 minutes.

Major benefits?

When your lashes are thick and long, your eyes appear more open while definition is greatly added to your facial features. Typically, clients are able to choose from either black, brown or a very dark black for a more intense look. This is particularly beneficial for those without long lashes, those with very light coloured lashes and for those who want to beautifully match or complement their eyelash colour to their eyebrow colour.

Not only do you achieve the glamorous look you desire, but you can also relax without having to apply mascara for at least a few weeks (depends on each salon - the duration of your eyelash tint lasting may slightly vary). And since they say the eyes are the window to the soul, when you make them your greatest focus, you enhance your overall face for an even more stunning profile!

Where is this available? Have your eyelashes tinted at Adelaide Central Plaza's Tommy Tu Nail & Beauty Salon, open 7 days a week on the Lower Ground, where they also offer a wide range of eye enhancement services including perming, extensions and refills.

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