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Top 5 Winter Comfort Foods

16 Jun 2016

The only thing getting us through this winter is comfort foods, here are five of our favourites and where you can get them


Perfect at any time of a day, a nice bowl of hot soup is just what you need to feel satisfied the lighter way. Stir your way into fulfilment by adding ingredients like your favourite vegetables and protein, and soup you some happy! Not only does soup taste delicious and allow for variety, but it also provides you with several health benefits as an overall low-fat and filling option. At Jarn Leva, located on the lower ground across from David Jones, bliss is served in a bowl - don't believe it? Try their Asian dumpling noodle soup, you can thank us later.


Enveloping delectable pieces of pulled pork between two soft-doughy pieces of bread, then fusing apple and cabbage slaw with rocket, comes the 'Pulled Pork' menu favourite from Adelaide Central Plaza's Bar 9, open 7 days a week on the lower ground. The 'Pulled Pork' bun is ever-popular at breakfast time and for great reason, as it's packed with protein and filled with essential vitamins and minerals, all so you can kickstart your day the right way! Since we lack more in Vitamin D during Winter, it's very important to refuel your system by eating foods high in protein to assure higher energy levels. Speaking of which, this brings us to our next guilty pleasure...


Mambo Italiano! Craving carbs, particularly when it's cold, is certainly anticipated. Instead of reaching for another sandwich or buying that extra bag of hot chips, treat yourself to an authentic Italian G&G pasta at Signore's Cafe, open 7 days a week, located on the lower ground. And with crusty bread, seafood fettuccine, beer and pizza also on the menu, you may as well go big or go home! Here, it's also wonderful to remember that pasta, which is a popular part of 'The Mediterranean Diet', provides glucose that becomes sustained energy for your brain and bones while being cholesterol free and significantly low in sodium. And when you consume pasta as part of a healthy diet, you assure a sufficient intake of carbohydrates - another great excuse to eat pasta!


Smooth, slippery and leaving your insides smiling, Udon is one variety of flour noodles you need to devour. This noodle is renowned for its thick texture and delicious aftertaste, the result of being a wheat flour noodle. Always served hot and with a mixture of authentic Japanese ingredients inside one big bowl of broth, Udon is formerly known as 'Kakejiru', which literally means 'Japanese Noodle Broth'. At popular restaurant, AKA Japanese, authentic Japanese cuisine is prepared and made to perfection with fresh flavours and superior seasonal produce, so you can taste only the best!


Need we say more? Well we will, because if you haven't tried the crispy honey chicken at Cha & Dumpling, open every day, then you can't completely grasp just how wonderful this beloved Asian pick is. Established in 1993, family-run restaurant, Cha & Dumpling, offer Adelaide a taste of South Eastern Asia, as they continue to delight with traditional menu items like fried rice and beef with black bean, while their exotic dishes such as the 'Thai Chicken with Lemongrass' are sure to excite your tastebuds. And since chicken is deemed a 'natural anti-depressant', you can beat those winter blues goodbye!

Fancy something else? Fear not, because at Adelaide Central Plaza's Dine Central, open 7 days a week, you're sure to satiate your appetite with everything from breakfast to dinner and all those enticing sweets in-between.