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What Your Handbag Says About You

02 Jun 2016

We all have different handbags different moods important, sometimes different handbags for the same mood! Want to know what your handbag says about you? Keep reading


You Are: The Practical Kind

You opt for a spacious yet structured bag, because you like to look busy and keep organised. On trend and totes with it, this bag is ideal for you because you can pack all the stuff you don't really need but can't stand to be without - things like your organiser, mini first aid kit and six types of pawpaw ointment. Absolutely functional for work and study, you're comforted by your tote because it actually fits your laptop.


You Are: The Party Girl

You'd rather travel lightly, because you just don't know when the occasion will call for cocktails. You choose a small bag because as long as you have your smartphone, keys, money and an ID, you're ready for anything. Your bubbly and outgoing personality means nothing will weigh you down, you're a Carrie Bradshaw; playful but also intelligent, and more interested in style and social events than matters like business or politics.


You Are: The Creative

Tech-saavy, studious and having an eye for detail, you wear your backpack with pride. You keep on the go and spend more time on trains and buses than inside a car, probably because you're too busy attending to various workshops and jobs. Creative, strong-minded and always efficient, your backpack proves your quintessential companion throughout your long list of tasks. Both sporty and hip, you tend to lead a pretty balanced lifestyle between work and play.


You Are: The City Dweller

Fashionista, urbanite and always up to date with the latest in events, you know how to put your best fashion foot forward. Like the classic Chanel Le Boy Bag, you admire your chain crossbody bag, typically quilted, because you feel in control and luxurious. There's your denim jeans and sneakers, and then there's your pointed-toe stilettos and coat, but either way, you let you bag rock your look because you are the self-assured metropolitan mademoiselle.


You Are: The Free Spirit

The traveller, the open-mind and the adventurer. You're mostly open to meeting new people, embracing last-minute opportunities if it means a new experience and simply, following wherever the wind takes you. The boho fringe shoulder bag states your constant longing to explore and move around. You are less concerned with the thoughts of other people and instead, are impassioned by the beauty of individualism.

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