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How To Keep The Love Alive

31 Mar 2016

If you were to ask yourself how many times you've "fallen" in love and how many long-term relationships you've actually had, comparing the answers will surely reveal just how special it is to stay in love. Of course, your love for one person will always be and feel different to the next, but if you love deeply enough to not want to let that person go then it's worth trying to keep them. Here, our top tips for how to keep the love alive.

1. Love Yourself First

Before you enter into anything that requires you to love another person, you need to first ensure that the best relationship you have is with yourself. If you begin to feel uncomfortable around your partner, think about how you feel about yourself. If you don't like the way you look or if you don't feel good about the way you are, then it makes it incredibly difficult for another person to love you if you can't do that for yourself. It's human nature to have insecurities, but when you're in love, part of that is to let someone else love you just the way you are, which brings us to our second point...

2. Learn Acceptance

As we grow, our bodies change, our looks may not remain the same and the way we feel about ourselves can profoundly affect our emotions and feelings toward other people. Nobody's perfect, but it's clear you first fell in love with that person because the way you felt around them was just perfect to you. When you accept someone for who they are, the imperfections and the insecurities fade because you feel right where you should be - with them. Some people will be better at this than others and having patience certainly helps, but regardless we can all agree that acceptance is a value greater understood with time.

If you're experiencing trouble within your relationship or marriage and are finding it difficult to be let in, then start each day on a positive note. Wake up and tell your partner you love them, compliment them to remind both of you just how beautiful they are to you, or make them breakfast or a hot cup of tea when they don't ask for it, because it's simple actions and gestures like these which speak just as loudly as telling them "you mean the world to me". After all, stress less and just embrace a good thing when you've got it.

3. Don't Bottle It In

Get it out there! While being a mutant with the power to read minds would be wonderful and so convenient, the reality is that we are human, and without communication we're unable to know what's really going on. Before getting into a colossal fight when you take the opportunity to list the 59 things they did five years ago which upset you, tell them how you feel in the actual moment. By addressing a problem as it occurs, you have the time to actually figure it out and let your partner know why you're bothered. Not only will you feel at ease for letting go and discussing, but you'll actually learn how to become stronger as a couple because you'll know how to handle the next argument you have with a level-headed approach. It's favourably agreed that communication is and will always be one of the greatest tools for a successful and long-lasting relationship or marriage.

4. Move At Your Own Pace

Take your time, go with the flow and learn as you lust. To fall in love is different to staying in love, because it's the hard times that test us most. Before you jump right into things and declare your love after two days, let your feelings build, learn more about each other and a result, allow your sexual relationship to intensify. Part of really knowing someone as mentioned before, is to feel completely comfortable in your skin. Sometimes when things move too fast, it's hard to keep that strong attraction at the same level and to maintain such high interest if you feel like you've already hit the peak in your relationship. A great way to let your love naturally grow even more and to strengthen is to…

5. Mix It Up

Be spontaneous and deviate from your normal routine. Surprise your partner with a small gift once in a while, run a hot bubble bath, make a reservation for dinner or even go rock climbing together! It's easy to get stuck into the rhythm of everyday life to the point where coming home to your partner making dinner is all you expect, but by simply changing it up once in a while, you're able to recharge your relationship, enjoy each other's company and have some good old fashioned fun…just like falling in love all over again.