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SNS: Your Hot, Healthier Nails

26 May 2016

Say goodbye to poor nail beds, chipping and weak polish, and say hello to your healthier, hotter nail system. Here, why SNS nails are your next beauty stop.


SNS (Signature Nail Systems) proves the healthy solution in pink and white dipping powder systems. SNS is the healthy alternative to gel and acrylic nails without using UV light, primer, hard chemicals, odour or liquid.

This is achieved by first applying a brush-on gel base to the top of the nail, and then dipping the nail into a strengthening powder that contains calcium and vitamin E. At the end of this multi 3-step process, you'll achieve a professional quality, a natural look and much stronger nails. And remarkably, in comparison to acrylics or gel, you'll feel SNS is much lighter on top of your natural nails.


In addition to an impressive end result, SNS effortlessly ticks all the boxes. As part of offering a healthier alternative, SNS grants your nails vitamins and calcium in order to ensure stronger nails. By contrast, the result is both striking and more refined.

SNS allows for clients to personally customise their look by selecting from a wide assortment of colour, glitter and dipping powder. And since most nail salons offer a large variety of colours to choose from, you're bound to find a colour just perfect for you. Each nail colour assures a long-lasting shine, a superior durability and even sunlight protection that you can cherish. In just under 25 minutes, your gorgeous SNS Pink & White manicure will be complete. And for SNS Gelous Colour Manicures, which are available in over 330 glossy finishes and through limited collections for special occasions, it takes only 15 minutes.


Adelaide Central Plaza's renowned Tommy Tu Nail & Beauty Salon deliver SNS to perfection, and ensure an excellent service every time. Located on the Lower Ground, and open 7 days a week for your full convenience.

Now, it's time to nail it!