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What type of Sandwich are you?

19 May 2016

If you are what you eat, then buddy...that chicken avocado on rye means something. Take a bite into these 5 popular orders and discover which sandwich you are.

1. Chicken Salad Wrap

Stable, down-to-earth and easy to please, you're someone who people can rely on. You like routine, which is probably why you order the same thing for lunch most days. Outgoing yet business-minded, you've got life balance down pat...or so it seems. And since you're pretty tough, if you're looking for love - those who like egg sandwiches are most compatible.

2. Egg Mayo

Apparently, people who order an egg mayo sandwich are quite pensive thinkers who like to be left alone (or, you could just love your protein). Regardless of which bread, this sandwich is either for an introvert or the homebody. So those who love to spend free time lounging around at home with Netflix and their pets, are sure to dig deep into this eggy delight.

3. BLT

You know what you want and in this case, that would be a whole lot to eat. This classic choice entices you with its fine fillings and strong stack, because like the bold and confident person you are, it holds well together. You seek opportunity and have a huge appetite for life, you're incredibly humble and while some may think you're easily're too busy cracking jokes to notice.

4. Cheese and Tomato

Either you're vegetarian, afraid of new choices or are too lazy to actually make a sandwich worth your while. Or perhaps, you just enjoy the simple things in life. And in your case, depending on whether or not the cheese is melted, your happiness just went up a level. Whether you're cutting back on meal expenses or you really think cheese and tomato is awesome, overall you're a pretty well grounded person who's content with how things are; a quality most find admirable.

5. Turkey

For you, Christmas is all year round. You like stability and tend to be a natural leader. You lead a pretty healthy lifestyle, and prefer to hit the gym than the club. However, regardless of whether or not you're fit, you like to keep organised. You're traditional, conservative and easily impressed, especially by the deliciousness of a good old turkey sandwich.