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5 Tips To Get Your Feet Summer Ready

07 Nov 2015

With the weather warming up and hot summer nights ahead, it’s time to prepare your feet for freedom, to embrace open-toe shoes and to show off that glorious skin glow. But first, we let you in on 5 top tips for how to get your feet ready for the sun-kissed and sizzling season of summer.

1. Avoid Bare Feet

No one's stopping you from being Peter Andre's 'Mysterious Girl' but when you're on that hot getaway bliss, you'll probably want to keep your shoes on. Whether you're walking by a public pool, showering at the beach or in a hotel bathroom on vacation, the chances are is that the ground is populated with nasty germs and fungus just waiting to cause an infection, give you splinters and more than likely, pretty dirty feet. A pair of sneakers, thongs or flats is sure to keep your feet safe.

2. Rub It Out...

...And without tormenting your wallet, because by simply using a tennis or golf ball, you can ease your heels from all that pain those killer red stilettos caused you. With this DIY massage, all you really have to do is rub the ball along your heel up until you reach your toes, and for where there's more pain, you'll want to focus more energy on rubbing the stiffer parts.

3. Go Bold

Nothing says you're ready for summer better than a fearless, bold nail polish. Given it being the season of festivals and parties by the beach, dip your nails in a colour so fierce, you'll show you're ready to rock no matter what the season brings! Be daring and on-trend with darker, in-between colours like deep berry and scarlet red, make a sunny statement in coral orange or canary yellow or prepare for paradise with a tropical aqua or turquoise.

4. Keep it Cool

Since you'll be having lots of fun in the sun, your feet will naturally become more irritated from excess heat where swelling and inflammation can occur, which is why setting aside just 10-15 minutes a day for cooling your feet will work wonders. All you need to do is fill a suitable-sized bucket or tub with ice water, place your feet in there for 10-15 minutes, let them soak and then pat them dry with a small towel.

5. Pedicure Please

A pedicure offers the ultimate care for your feet as an all-in-one treatment. Whether you treat yourself to a salon or pamper yourself at home, a standard pedicure aims to trim and colour the nails, control calluses, moisturise the skin and to of course, have your feet looking lovely by the end. During this treatment, feet are soaked, smoothed with a lotion, filed and scrubbed for removing dry skin, and often, are dreamily eased with massage oil or cream.

Ready to treat yourself? For a professional treatment that'll have you strutting in the sun in no time, visit Tommy TU Nail & Beauty Salon.