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How to Wear a Suit

21 Oct 2016

We visited the experts in store to get some hot tips on suiting up...

The Basics



Get acquainted with the team in store to ensure you are trying on the right size for you. An ill-fitting suit doesn’t hang right, pulls or puckers. Not a good look for a job-getter, jet-setter, girl getter!


With a nip here and a tuck there you can turn your off-the-rack purchase into a body-flattering masterpiece, customised to those pecks you’ve been working on since last summer. The team in store have an in-house service to ensure your new purchase fits like a glove.


For starters, a grey and navy suit are the best basics. Once mastered, a black suit is great to add to your arsenal. Invest in good quality shirts in timeless white and pale blue. A selection of ties that suit your style and proportions are also a must. A tall guy looks great with a wider tie and a man of smaller proportions should lean towards a slimline option. Colour combos are endless but the best bet is to trust the experts in store for some styling advice.


A suit is the meat and the accessories are the sandwich that holds your look together. Buy good quality options for pocket squares, shoes and cufflinks. Pocket squares are back and the general rule is to pick up the colours in your shirt or tie to accessorise with style.

Perfect your pocket square 'puff'...

  • STEP ONE Lay the pocket square flat.
  • STEP TWO Pinch the middle of the fabric, allowing the folds to come in naturally.
  • STEP THREE With one hand holding the pocket square, use your other hand to gently gather it together.
  • STEP FOUR Arrange it in your suit pocket until you get the desired puffiness.

NEED MORE ADVICE? Head to Calibre, Rundle Mall level.