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28 Oct 2016

With a cult following, this Vietnamese hot noodle soup, Pho (pronounced “FUR”) is a foodies delight. Traditionally a breakfast dish, Jarn Leva is a hot spot for this soup sensation and lovingly prepares their best seller from a master beef stock of ginger, onion, star anise, cinnamon and nutmeg.


We asked Jarn Leva what to look for in a perfect bowl.

  • The key to the perfect pho is the master stock made from beef bones that are slow cooked for 8 hours.
  • The beef should be a high quality eye fillet that is cooked and infused with stock two days.
  • The perfect soup liquid has a clear clarity.
  • Jarn Leva uses fresh rice noodles, which have a fluffy and smooth consistency.


How to eat it? #1 Use your chopsticks and spoon to add the chilli, bean sprouts, Thai basil and coriander to your bowl.


#2 Add a squeeze of lemon to the meat dipping condiments.


#3 Mix all well.

#4 Eat pieces of beef with pieces of Thai basil, herbs and chili - dip meat into the hoisin sauce, chilli oil, and satay sauce.

#5 Don't forget to sip the broth in between bites of noodles and beef.


If you love your coffee sweet, strong and cold a must try is the Vietnamese coffee. Made by dripping ground coffee over sweet condensed milk and served over ice it is a refreshing option.


Jarn Leva Top 5 dishes we love...

  1. Pho
  2. Bun salad (rice noodle salad)
  3. Banh mi
  4. Cold Rolls
  5. Goi Salad - no noodles, very light

To try these and more amazing authentic Vietnamese dishes visit Dine Central, lower Ground floor.



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