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Why It Pays To Have Daily Affirmations

01 Sep 2016

Life getting you a little bit down? Here is why daily affirmations are key to boosting your mood and helping you make the most out of every day.

Your Mind, Your Greatest Muscle


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According to The Huffington Post, a person has between 50,000 - 70,000 thoughts on average per day. Now you need to wonder, how many of these thoughts are positive? If we empower our minds with enough sources of inspiration, love and encouragement,     then we're bound to ensure the majority of these thoughts will be good. How do we this? Start your day on a positive note, you seriously need to tell yourself...

I Am Awesome


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Repeat that daily! Replace "I can't" with "I can", focus on your blessings not your worries and remember that if there's a way, then there's a will. Exercising positive actions and thinking positive thoughts is how you attain the strength to move forward, keep productive, remove self-doubt and embrace the day with a willingness to do better.

Lift Yourself, Then Others


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As the wise saying goes "treat people the way you'd like to be treated". But when enduring hard times, abandoning our own needs and putting ourselves last - it becomes incredibly difficult to truly be strong for others (or even a better person). This is where the importance of 'me-time' fits into the life equation of happiness. After all, when you work toward the best version of yourself - you continue to develop a beautiful mind, which is sure to emanate from inside out. And if you're dealing with a battle of your own, remember it's okay to need a shoulder to lean on, it's okay to take the time out to heal yourself and it's definitely more than okay to put yourself first - in fact, we highly recommend it, which leads us to...

You Come First


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You sure do. You need to be able to get yourself out of bed, to carry your own weight, to be strong enough for those you love and kind enough to those you encounter, but first - you need to make sure you've put yourself on the right track. We've all experienced negative relationships, but as we grow - we understand that there does come a point when we need to value ourselves and our own needs. If the relationships you've built honour the right foundations of patience, loyalty and trust, then you won't feel bad about missing that coffee date or cancelling brunch. Instead, you'll tell yourself you have to do what you need to do.

We're not superheroes, we're humans and as much as we like to think we can do it all - we just can't. But you know what? That's perfectly okay. Because we're all on the same boat sailing the sea that's called life. So embrace the stillness just as much as the waves!

Science Says So?


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In a recent scientific study published by Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, participants were examined through brain imaging in order to test the theory of self-affirmation. The results suggest that self-affirmation is strongly interdependent with brain activity, where "the participants in the self-affirmation condition responded better than control participants to the health messages, becoming more active in the ensuing month after the study, as measured by accelerometers they wore on their wrists". Meaning to say, that those who are in a state of self-affirmation actually attain a wider perspective, granting them the ability to better restrain from negatively responding.

At the end of the day, to be truly happy means to be content with what you have and who you are. Easier said than done, but we believe that with enough self-love, you eventually be come so comfortable that you're your own best friend.

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