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Why You Should Support Australian Made

08 Sep 2016

It's true, Australian designs are world class. But here are more reasons why you should support Australia's vibrant fashion industry.

Your Country, Your Economy


Introducing the Floral Crepe Flare Hem Dress, made in #Australia from European fabric. #CueClothing #MadeInAustralia

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When you buy Australian Made, not only do you attain premium made quality, but you also support Australia and its economy. And as you should know, that when it comes to business - the 'ripple effect' is ever-present. This means that while inadvertent, your actions as a consumer do carry significant weight by contribution. According to the Industry Capability Network, 10 full-time jobs are created from "every $1 million of new or retained manufacturing business in Australia".

Ethical Manufacturing


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When we buy "cheap" fashion, we fail to realise just how many workers are exploited and severely underpaid in the process. In the article 'Damning report on exploitation in Australian fashion industry' by Beau Donnelly via The Age, it was written that 'Nine out of 10 companies supplying clothes to Australian consumers do not know where their cotton is sourced and most fail to pay overseas workers enough to meet their basic needs, an investigation into the fashion industry shows'.

As you can see, attaining an Australian made fashion industry is incredibly difficult. However, with each purchase comes a step closer in the right direction, which is something we can achieve each day. Leading by example, renowned fashion retailer Cue, states "our customer can be confident that when they are buying our designs, it means we have taken practical steps to ensure that the Australian workers involved in making our designs receive fair wages and work in good conditions," which they declare "shows in the high quality of everything" they make.

High Quality


Style update: new and now, The Crepe Swing Dress. #CueClothing

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Australian made fashion is often referred to as 'slow fashion', but that beauty of that term lies in the quality. It's not fast food, it's organic. When you buy Australian made, you know who your garment was made by, where the materials come from and as a unique source, you can imagine the great lengths that are travelled to in order to bring you such a quality make, which we believe is well worth every dollar. As the old saying goes, it's all about 'quality not quantity'.

And the great news? Supporting Australian made fashion isn't as hard as you think. For premium quality, on-trend fashion this season, you'll find just what you desire at Adelaide Central Plaza's proudly Australian owned and renowned label Cue, open 7 days a week on the Ground Floor, which is accredited with Ethical Clothing Australia.

So what're you waiting for? Join the Cue!