Open Today
7:30am - 5:30pm

Singapore Delights is temporarily closed. We look forward to reopening soon.

Singapore Delights

Adelaide institution Singapore Delights has arrived at Adelaide Central Plaza.

Previously trading at the Adelaide Central Markets location, Singapore Delights has always enjoyed queues of loyal fans waiting to taste their authentic South East Asian cuisine.

Freshly ground pastes and sauces flavoured by chillies, lime leaves, and lemongrass, slow cooked stock made which takes days to prepare are all an integral part in what makes Singapore Delights stand out from the rest.

Highly recommended, check it out in the Lower Ground food court.  


Cold Tossed Noodles $9.50
Tampines (fermented soya beans, Chick Peas Salad) $5.90


Hainan Chicken Rice $9.50
Nasi Lemak $9.50
Nonya Chicken Rice $11.90
Beef Rendang Rice $13.00
Singa Fried Rice $9.50
Bowl of Chicken Rice $3
Boiled Plain Rice $2
Chup Swee Rice $10.50


Cha K Teow $9.90
Hokkien Mee $9.90
Sub Hor (Seafood/Chicken/Pork) $9.90
Singapore Noodles $9.90
Orhcard 70"s $9.90


Dumpling Noodles $8.90
Seafood Noodles $9.90
Chicken Noodles $8.90
Tom Yum Chicken $8.90
Tom Yum Seafood $8.90
Wonton & Prawns $8.90
Hey Mee $8.90
Herbal Chicken Noodles $8.90
Herbal Beef Noodles $9.90
Laksa (Chicken/Seafood/Combination) $9.90
Ginger Chicken Noodles $8.90
Chicken Sweetcorn Soup $3.50
Longtong $9.90
K Chup $9.90


Lor Mee $9.90
Mee Siam $9.90
Mee Rubus $9.90
Teochew Tar Mee $9.90
Kon Lo Wonton Mee $9.90
Sartay Beehoon $9.90
Vegetarian Beehoon $9.90


Coconut Juice $4.50
Cendol $4.50
Soya Milk $3.50
Soft Drinks


Gor Hiang / Alias "LOR BAH" (Chicken Roll) $2
Soya Egg $1.80
Steamed Dumpling (6 pcs) $5.90
Grilled Dumpling (6 pcs) $5.90
PHO Pia (2 pcs) $5.90
Wonton Dumplings (15 pcs) $8.90